If you have been around the crypto ecosystem for a while, you have probably entered the realm of SLACK where teams and communities “meet” to share their insights, raise awareness and collaborate on projects on a neat subscriber-based platform in an environment that is a geared toward real-time information flow and communications. Myself, a part of this platform for nearly three years, I have found it priceless in terms of communicating with teams and sharing vital information when time is of the essence. Even though it is free for use, the platform does come with a hefty price tag when considering it is a ‘pay-by-user’ based expense structure, which causes most communities to rely solely on the free version making it difficult to archive history and limited use of a plethora of applications. Until recently, I have been fortunate enough not to have seen anything questionable, or if there was scamming around, perhaps it was of little importance, however, there seems to be a heat