Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a buzz term this Summer. You are reading Core Media which means you are probably equipped with the ready-to-spout knowledge of the technical details, but for the sake of total clarity, let’s review.  ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a popular way for a cryptocurrency project (usually still in development) to fund the work they are doing, and a great way to allow early backers, investors and enthusiasts to buy in before the public sinks their teeth into the emerging crypto-creation. An ICO is also a way to boost awareness of a new token or project because often times it creates a buzz with the company or team name, and it can create a certain feeling of exclusivity.  This is especially true for those ICO’s that sell out quickly, leaving a line of salivating would-be investors.  ICO’s are evidently the hottest trend to sweep over the globe’s finest minds, since… Windows.  Seriously, most people still aren’t sure what is happening behind the ICO sc