The Decent Network is an ambitious blockchain project that plans to disrupt and better the content distribution industry by hosting content in a decentralized network which can then be purchased directly from the content publisher, avoiding middlemen fees, censorship and hacks. Following the completion of its 2016 Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Decent has been building up to its platform launch both in terms of marketing and development, launching multiple test nets before the official platform launch, where ICO investors could test the network for possible bugs and imperfections. On the 30th of July, the Decent Network was finally launched along with the DecentGo market and the Decent (DCT) token, the latter of which is currently trading in the Bittrex exchange. Both the launch of the market and the network itself went smoothly with more than 1700 accounts were handled and over 27M DCT distributed so far. The DecentGo market is the “the first web-based application and online DCT wall