With Bitcoin set to fork near the beginning of August, it’s amazing to see the panic slowly spreading across the throngs of Bitcoin users. There are many perspectives on the matter and all of them become heated under scrutiny.    Let’s take a breath, shall we?  A good friend and technology wizard known as Zodiac from Bitvest.io wrote a beautiful explanation of technical details and terminology. It says:  “WHAT THE FORK? BIPS, FORKS, SEGWIT, UASF, AND NYA?“ BIP: Bitcoin Improvement Proposals are the method to implement new features in Bitcoin. They may also be informational documents or describe new processes external to the protocol, e.g.: modifications to the BIP system itself. Each BIP is given its own number to identify which it is. For example, BIP141 is the BIP# for SegWit. Forks: A fork is where a blockchain splits into two pieces (forks) at a certain block. Usually, only one fork lives on, but it is possible for multiple to exist. There are two major types of forks used