One of the most attractive aspects in the cryptosphere is the lack of regulations and bureaucracy which has allowed users and project creators to skip some of the red tape that is usually associated with the regular economy. This is the case with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrency-based crowdfunding campaigns that allow projects and startups to get the funds required to build their ideas. While these campaigns do facilitate the process of getting an idea off the ground, several problems in the industry still need to be resolved. The lack of regulation surrounding Initial Coin Offering campaigns can also have negative effects, like the growing number of “scam” ICOs in the space. Furthermore, the complex nature of cryptocurrencies can also make it hard for projects to launch their own campaigns without assistance. The Waves Platform has been at the forefront of the ICO world in 2017, facilitating the crowdfunding process for blockchain-based projects like MobileGo, ZrCoin