On Wednesday when many cryptocurrencies made some admirable accruals, everyone thought the markets have emerged out of the Crypto Massacre that has been trending from the previous week. In fact, almost everywhere was green and this even continued into Thursday.    Alas! The winnings didn’t last and the markets drifted into slumps once again. The battering from Friday has left in its wake so many damages.   Curiously, the pattern has not strayed either. Anytime Bitcoin goes down, 95% of the top 20-30 cryptocurrencies spontaneously follow suit.    As at 13:00 GMT Sunday, not a single gain was posted on top 20 on CoinMarketCAp. For top 30, only Tether made a meager 0.20 percent upward increment. Could you imagine just nine digital currencies were in the green on the first 100?    The tragedy is that Cryptoland is in a quagmire state with stagnation biting deep inside its core. It has always overcome but the bloodshed in recent times is becoming so prevalent and volatility