asphyxia – Yesterday at 11:28 PM
so I mentioned this before, we’re going to employ a technique to piggy back off the temporary blockchain to speed things up for the time being so they’ll exist… sort of, but a lot of what we want to do won’t be exactly possible without large changes to the temporary blockchain so at that point rather than investing time into working on the temp. blockchain to make those things possible it makes more sense to just plan how to implement it into the actual Novusphere.

There are certain overlapping elements between the current blockchain and Novusphere as I mentioned before like take for example the ability to reuse the work we’ve done on SFSIs. Another example of this is developing of a web-based wallet (think like NXT, Waves or BTS’s OpenLedger) which could be used with the temporary blockchain and then be later altered to work with Novusphere. Marketing Contact: LooTz from Core Radio a branch of