The Bitcoin scaling debate keeps getting more intense everyday with the two predominant scaling solutions, Bitcoin Unlimited and SegWit, competing for miner approval and with supporters from both sides threatening to activate User Activated Forks. However, the situation escalated quickly when members of the Bitcoin community accused Bitmain, one of the most vocal supporters of Bitcoin Unlimited, of blocking SegWit for its own personal gain. It started when Greg Maxwell, CTO of Blockstream and Bitcoin Core developer made a post to the Bitcoin mailing list in which he claims that Bitmain (not mentioned by name) was secretly using  ASICBOOST, an exploit on Bitcoin’s SHA2 hashcash that gives the miner an estimated ~20% advantage. The method was invented by Timo Hanke in collaboration with Sergio Lerner “An incompatibility would go a long way to explain some of the more inexplicable behavior from some parties in the mining ecosystem so I began looking for supporting evidence.Reverse eng