Neos (NEOS) is a decentralised, open-source cryptocurrency. It was forked from Bitcoin in mid 2014 and first started out as a proof-of-work(1.0v), but changed to proof-of-stake on its 2.0 version. The word Neos means something new, never seen before. The name of the altcoin certainly seems to be ambitious, and it happens to be in accordance with the team’s goals for the project. NeosCoin uses blockchain technology to provide secure, fast, and anonymous transactions. The NeosCoin wallet has all the functionalities of a normal wallet, like the option to view all of your transactions, generate new addresses or send Neos to another user. You can get the NeosCoin wallet for windows on their website, or build from the source code at github. The wallet has multiple additional features like an encrypted messaging system and in-wallet trading that is connected to Bittrex, allowing users to buy or sell coins directly. It’s also multi-currency wallet, supporting 21 other cryptocurrencies, an