A part of our team is working now on improving the architecture of our code for us to be easier to develop and maintain the node source code. As an important result of this process we have recently combined the entire source code of our node in a single repository, which made our work easier. Also we test DEX with our respected community and we are at the active development of leasing feature(LPOS) Blockchain Developers Meetup & Blockchain Weekend Another meet-up for developers will be held in Moscow on 9 February. The main topic of the event with be the Hyperledger project, and the opportunities it brings for developers and crypto businesses as a whole. The main guests for the event will be the National Settlement Depository and IBM Research and Development Center. On 18-19 February a Blockchain Weekend event will be held. Sasha Ivanov will explain what blockchain technology is, how and why it will change every industry without exception, and how to implement it properly. Participant