Another week as gone by and Komodo is now gearing up for the most important update yet! The release of the GUI wallet, which has been heavily tested by the community. The distribution of the KMD coins is currently ongoing and the first batch started before schedule. Although it has only been a week lot has happened for Komodo since our last update and today we’re here to bring you up to speed, as usual! Following a successful launch, the Komodo team is now looking ahead to complete all the features in the Iguana App. Since the launch, Komodo has been added to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and comparison websites. Users can now mine Komodo and the notary nodes are working as expected. It is, overall, an exciting time for Komodo and SuperNet! KMD Trading Since its launch, the Komodo coin (KMD) has been added to multiple exchanges. Users can easily buy and sell KMD in one of these exchanges: Since Komodo started trading, the price has done