The Darcrus crowdfunding campaign is starting on Bittrex tomorrow, December 21. CFC page will be available there shortly.
Darcrus ANN –
Developed by Steven Grove, Stafford, VA
Below are the full terms for the Darcrus Crowdfunding campaign. These conditions will not change during the crowdfunding period.
Of the 50,000,000 TOTAL Darcrus tokens, Bittrex will host 42,000,000 tokens for the ICO at a different pricing levels. Below is the pricing schedule:
• Early Bird: 2500 satoshi each, 10,000,000 available (40,000 DAR per BTC)
• Phase 1: 4000 satoshi each, 13,125,000 available (25,000 DAR per BTC)
• Phase 2: 5000 satoshi each, 10,500,000 available (20,000 DAR per BTC)
• Phase 3: 6000 satoshi each, 8,375,000 available (16,666.67 DAR per BTC)
42,000,000 Darcrus Tokens Available for ICO.