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China Warms Up To ICOs On The NEO Blockchain, Tension Builds In Crypto Community

The NEO platform is hosting the first Microsoft NEO Dev Competition, which signifies a soft spot in China’s ICO-Ban-Armor. Submissions must meet certain criteria and one of the requirements is that the developing projects use the NEO blockchain.  On the NEO official blog, readers are met with the following message:  “As NEO’s first dev competition, this is an unparalleled opportunity to unleash your creativity, passion, and ambition.  This global get-together of NEO community developers will give you a chance to inspire others while being motivated by your fellow competitors’ intellect and grit. Join us. Get inspired.” – The NEO team  The Details Of The Contest  – The competition will be held from November 20, 2017 and will continue until midnight on March 10, 2018. – Participants are required to develop on the NEO blockchain – Submission must contain executable programs and codes Judges include NEO founder and core developer Zheng Zhang Wen, Chen Rong, Onchain chi

Appcoins: Disrupting the Billion Dollar App Store Economy

Mobile apps got their “interface moment” with the inception of the App store in 2008, allowing developers to get their applications in front of millions of iPhone users and to monetize their work. Since then, the app store has evolved tremendously and has also made way for new and more advanced app stores, creating an industry that is expected to reach $189 billion by 2020. Although the app store has evolved throughout time, bringing us new and modified versions, along with multiple alternative app stores for different operative systems, there are still several problems and inefficiencies that plague the appstore ecosystem, thus limiting the experience of the developers and of the 2.1 billion smartphone users they serve. Aptoide, an alternative Android app store wants to fix these inefficiencies, making in-app purchases accessible to everyone and perfecting the in-app advertising system which is currently plagued with middleman. Aptoide also wants to rid the app store ecosystem of

Bitcoin Cash ‘CEO’: It’s Not Too Late to Get Cryptocurrencies, Most Don’t Understand Bitcoin

Rick Falkvinge, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin Cash ‘CEO’ and the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, recently did an interview with Russia Today (RT) news on the advantages of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, the downfalls of fiat currencies, and more. Notably, he pointed out that it isn’t too late to get into bitcoin, and that most Wall Street executives don’t get the cryptocurrency. In the interview, Falkvinge immediately pointed out that the upper ceiling for cryptocurrencies can be as high as $1 billion per bitcoin, but that bitcoin itself may not be the dominant cryptocurrency in the future. According to him, just like Facebook replaced MySpace, another cryptocurrency can replace bitcoin. When asked if bitcoin’s decentralized nature was its Achilles heel, Falkvinge pointed out it’s permission-less, meaning no one needs to ask for permission to transact in the cryptocurrency or be a part of its community. He justified naming himself Bitcoin Cash’s CEO as a way to “ill

Waves Project Manager, Alexey Kofman, Conducts Q&A: Overview

On November 17th, Alexey Kofman, Waves Project Manager, answered questions to an eager Telegram Waves chatroom. Alexey was first asked what his role is, “My role is closer to product manager of waves node and in general our blockchain. I’m defining requirements for new features and build development team. Currently mostly thinking about Waves-NG and a bit of planning for future changes like Smart Contracts.” The interview was packed full of goodies, however, one defining moment came when he said confidently that there will be a new release of something on the main net this month. Whether this is the new DEX or WAVES-NG is yet unknown. After recently finding out the results of the WAVES-NG on the testnet, being that WAVES-NG is expected to do 100 transactions per second, it was asked if the technology can be pushed further to process more transactions. Alexey stated that 100 transactions meet the current demand but in the future, the WAVES community as a whole can decide to increas

Bitcoin Gold Sets November 12 as Its Launch Date

As Core Media recently reported, the SegWit2x hard fork got called off this week, as some of its most prominent supporters signed an announcement that cited a lack of community consensus, although an unknown entity dubbed ‘BitPico’ vowed to follow through anyway. Amid all the controversy, most set aside Bitcoin Gold (BTG), another cryptocurrency created through a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. The team behind Bitcoin Gold recently announced the date in which they will release a formal software client for download on their website: 19:00 UTC on November 12. The network split in which Bitcoin Gold’s developers took a “snapshot” of the Bitcoin network occurred on October 24, but the project hasn’t launched yet as developers were improving its source code. The wait is over we are proud to announce the launch date for Bitcoin Gold #1cpu1vote #BTG — Bitcoin Gold [BTG] (@bitcoingold) 9 November 2017 Among the improvements are the implementation of repla

Brazilian Government Website Mined Monero Using Visitor’s CPUs, Until the Mining Account Got Banned

The government’s citizen’s portal for Sáo Paulo, Brazil, a website dedicated to its citizens, was recently found using visitor’s CPUs to mine Monero, without asking for consent to do so. The website’s activities were caught by Google developer Felipe Hoffa, who tweeted about the incident to let other people know their computers were being used without their permission. So this Brazilian government website eats all my CPU to mine cryptocurrency when I land on their homepage… ouch (thx @rick_viscomi @HTTPArchive #BigQuery #bitcoin) — Felipe Hoffa (@felipehoffa) 9 November 2017 According to various publications, on the website Cidadã, JavaScript code that used visitor’s CPUs to mine Monero, provided by Coinhive, was visible right at the beginning of the page’s code. São Paulo’s government hasn’t yet clarified on the code’s presence, but only stated that the website is functioning as it should and that due to a “one-off failure

Plot Thickens: ‘BitPico’ Vows to Follow Through With SegWit2x Hard Fork

Right after Mike Belshe’s announcement calling off the controversial SegWit2x hard fork, a mysterious individual or group of miners going by ‘BitPico’ replied to it stating that they will follow through with it, even though some of its main proponents backed off. As reported by Core Media, the announcement calling of the hard fork was signed by influential SegWit2x supporters, including Bitmain founder Jihan Wu, SegWit2x lead developer Jeff Garzik, and ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees.  In its statement, sent from an iCloud account, BitPico claims to have taken 30% of the network’s hashrate with it, and that “the miners will continue what is set in motion.” Here’s the entity’s full statement: “We are carrying out the fork regardless as everything is set in motion. Backing down the difficulty right now is a strategy. Wonder why 30% network hash-rate disappeared?  It’s ours; the miners that will continue what is set in motion… A handful of humans cannot stop what the

Markets Go Green As Segwit2x Is Cancelled

The Altcoin sellout seems to have ended as markets turn greenish. This follows the

Interview with Digilira, Turkish lira Gateway for Waves

The WAVES platform consists of a Decentralized exchange where multiple Waves tokens can trade with each other. This is achieved through proxy tokens, tokens that are backed 1:1 and are interchangeable through gateways. Currently, there is two fiat pairs, USD and EURO, as well five cryptocurrencies, BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC and of course WAVES and its custom tokens like Mercury, Waves Community Token and many others. The next fiat gateway installment is likely going to be the Turkish Lira, provided by a Turkish company named Digilira. The most interesting part is that this is the first fiat gateway pushed by a private company, rather than by the WAVES team. Interested to find out more, we asked the owner of Digilira, Serkan Bayar, about the motivations behind his new company, how he got here, the cryptocurrency situation in Turkey and more.  Q: Tell us a little about Digilira A: Digilira is a platform that allows you to convert Turkish Liras (TRY) into cryptocurrency tokens named wTRY. This

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